12 Stones Music

A Full Service Music Recording, Production & Mastering Company

12 Stones Music offers Professional Mastering

Mastering is what makes your project shine and enables it to compete with the current market recordings. Mastering shapes, sculpts, equalizes, compresses and finesses your recording into a professional sounding product.
Every Mastering Session includes the following:
  • Optimizing Average and peak volume levels for proper relative loudness
  • Signal Processing- Compression & EQ balance, aural exciter
  • Establishing a 'sonic" field for all tracks
  • Cleaning-up each tracks start and ending, including fades
  • Applying "dithering" resulting in tracks with proper sampling and bit rate & more…

12 Stones Music runs ProTools 12 Recording Software and iZotope Ozone7 Mastering Software, providing the client with excellent recording an mastering ability as well as a wide range of virtual instruments and editing capabilities. Mastering a full CD takes between 8-10 hours. Whether you record your project at 12 Stones or you just want to have your finished project mastered, 12 Stones Music can deliver a quality product you will be proud of.

Mastering Rates: $40.00/hr